Good Bedside Manner

Bedside Manors Ramin Rak is a leading Neurosurgeon with a long history of expert specialties and training in micro-neurosurgical procedures. He has performed countless surgeries, and specialized in highly-complex awake craniotomies, skull-based surgeries, spine treatments and tumors. Ramin Rak attended the Free University of Brussels for his medical degree, and previous to this, for his undergraduate degree with high honors in Medical Basic Sciences. Ramin Rak has, since this time, gained a considerable amount of training, expertise, which has helped him gain effective bedside manner. While the actual procedural and administrative aspects of a successful surgery are vital to a smooth surgery for a patient, knowing what a good bedside manner is and how to employ it, is arguably just as important. Here are some tips for gaining and employing a good bedside manner to quell fears in your patients and make the entire process as comfortable and positive as possible.

  1.       Mind Your Manners: First rule of thumb in presenting the best bedside manner-which should be included in any profession- is using good manners at all times, with the necessary please and thank yous, as well as an overall gesture of respect.
  2.       Professionalism: As a doctor, you should always be well-groomed, confident, assured, and knowledgeable.
  3.       Familiarity: Make sure that you patients feel like you care about them specifically, You may deal with 100 patients a day, but you should address each singularly with names, histories, and the care that each patient deserves. Doing so will bring more comfort to each patient more than you might think.
  4.       Listening: Yes-you are the more knowledgeable about medicine in the room, probably, but listening to what your patients are feeling, their fears, symptoms, and questions is a vital part both to better understanding how to best treat them, but also, how to make them feel like an important part of the process (and they are).

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