Affiliated Hospitals

Dr. Ramin Rak specializes in a number of complex minimally invasive micro-neurosurgical procedures in many Long Island hospitals, and has established programs for awake craniotomies in a number of Long Island Hospitals. When performing surgeries, he tries to use the most up-to-date techniques so that his patients have a short stay in the hospital, a quick recovery, and can go back to their everyday routines as soon as possible.

Dr. Ramin Rak is actually part of New York’s largest private neurosurgery group, Neurological Surgery, P.C. Each member of Neurological Surgery, P.C. serves as the Chief of Neurosurgery in one of the practice’s medical facilities. Since Dr. Ramin Rak is affiliated with Neurological Surgery, P.C., he is also affiliated with each of the hospitals within the NSPC network.

Through Neurological Surgery, P.C., Dr. Ramin Rak is affiliated with the following hospitals:

•    Winthrop University Hospital
•    South Nassau Communities Hospital
•    Mercy Medical Center
•    North Shore University Hospital
•    Huntington Hospital
•    Plainview Hospital
•    Franklin Hospital
•    Syosset Hospital
•    St. Francis Hospital
•    Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center
•    St. Catherine of Siena Medical Center

Having privileges at a number of hospitals allows Dr. Ramin Rak the flexibility to choose a hospital that best suits his patient’s needs. Instead of worrying about his privileges at a particular hospital, he can instead focus on what each hospital supplies the patient. Having a number of hospital affiliations also allows patients of Dr. Ramin Rak to pay less when admitted to a hospital because it is less likely that they will be forced to undergo treatment at an out-of-network hospital. Additionally, Dr. Ramin Rak can choose his own operation team for each hospital in which he performs surgeries while also being able to stay with patients from admittance to post-surgery.

Learn more about Dr. Ramin Rak and his affiliations by visiting the Neurological Surgery, P.C. official webpage.