Ramin Rak Micro-Neurosurgery

Ramin Rak specializes in micro-neurosurgical techniques, a form of neurosurgery that requires an operating microscope. This expertise in micro-neurosurgery allows him  to clearly target structures and the surrounding normal anatomy. Ramin Rak uses a counter-balanced operating microscope that has a digital video camera connecting to it. This camera will connect to monitors in order to ensure coordination between the doctor and his surgical team.

Ramin Rak tries to make each and every micro-neurosurgery as minimally invasive as possible. When performing minimally invasive surgery, Ramin Rak uses a number of instruments, ranging from short , to long, and from sturdy to delicate. Before each surgery, Ramin Rak will evaluate the patient’s needs so he can determine the working depth, characteristics of tissues, and the micro-neurosurgerical anatomy. Ramin Rak’s emphasis on minimally invasive surgery allows his patients to have an improved postoperative recovery, decreased pain, which result in a shorter hospital stay and a quicker return to everyday activities.