The rise of the internet has impacted nearly every industry, including the medical field. Now doctors and other medical professionals can turn to the web in order to keep up with emerging medical trends. Websites like Youtube and Vimeo have made it even easier for these medical professionals to stay informed and also enable medical professionals to educate one another on complex medical techniques.

Ramin Rak MD is one of many professionals who sees the value in using online videos to share knowledge. Ramin Rak MD already makes it a priority to educate other neurosurgeons on the microneurosurgical techniques he uses, through his involvement with neurological surgeon societies like the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) and the Congress of Neurological Surgeons (CNS). Ramin Rak MD also uploads videos to YouTube and Vimeo in order to further facilitate the spread of information. Below is a video of a presentation that Ramin Rak MD gave for Vycor’s VBAS, during which he detailed his use of the machine to complete surgery for a 400-pound patient.

Dr. Ramin Rak, M.D., Discusses Vycor Medical’s ViewSite™ … (VBAS) from Ramin Rak on Vimeo.


Ramin Rak MD also uses online videos to help current and prospective patients get to know him better. Ramin Rak MD believes that videos like the below interview given for Neurological Surgery, P.C. help patients feel at ease by humanizing the neurosurgeon who will be operating on them.

Ramin Rak M.D. – Learn more about the successful neurosurgeon! from Ramin Rak on Vimeo.

Videos are not the only technique that Ramin Rak MD uses to make patients comfortable prior to surgery. He sits down and speaks with them before completing an awake craniotomy, surgery, or complex spinal surgery to make them aware of what to expect. For awake craniotomies in particular, Ramin Rak MD has to explain to patients that they will not feel pain during the procedure because this tissue does not contain pain nerves. His expertise and concern for his patients’ comfort make Ramin Rak MD a highly successful neurosurgeon.

You can view additional videos uploaded by Ramin Rak MD by viewing his Vimeo account, accessible via the links above.